Sunday, 22 April 2018

Encouraging Litter Box Use

As Cat owners, the last thing you want is to find poo on your beautiful Carpet! 

Or to find a patch of urine right next to the litter box! 

It can be frustrating and get really annoying!

But we love our little feline friends because after all they are family right?

In this blog, I will cover why your Cat may urinate outside the litter box so carry on reading and let's tackle this behavior

Many cats willingly want to use a litter box, but you do get the odd ones that just refuse to step into it.
I’m sure this is one of the biggest concerns cat owners have when bringing their kittens home or the cats that just pee everywhere but into the litter box! 
Here is a deeper look into what you can do to help your cat find its way to the litter box.
Getting Your Cat To Use The Litter Box
·         Most commonly cats urinate and defecate into dry, loose sand or soil. If you give them a litter that imitates this you should be able to get your cat to use the box without a problem.
·         Avoid using scented litter as many cats don’t like it.
·         Keep the box clean.
·         Remove soiled litter right away.
·         Change the litter in the box once a week and also wash the box thoroughly.
·         Each cat should have their own litter box as they don’t like sharing.
·         Give your cat a bit of privacy and place the box in a more out-of-the-way spot as this will encourage them to use it
·         If your cat is being resistant to use the litter box, try placing it in a confined room.

I hope this article will help you get your Cat to use the Litter box.

You can learn more in depth on getting your Cat to use the litter box by reading this article how to get your Cat to use the litter box 
However! If for whatever reason they are still not using the litter box (Please remember, it will take time for your Cat to use the litter box) then there is this great article on how to get rid of Cat spray smell  

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